Saturday, September 19, 2009

1951 Ferrari 340 Berlinetta

What is right about this Ferrari? Just about everything. The classic Ferrari red bodes well with its muscular design. This coupe has great lines, from the large grille to its narrowed tail. At $1,250,000, this 4.1-liter is cheaper than a recently sold 3-liter Ferrari that went for $2,200,000 in a 2008 Gooding auction. It seems there are a few paint and windshield imperfections, but that makes this car more drivable.

The look of this Ferrari is exactly what Lexington Garage enjoys about a car. Not only is it beautiful, but it has an engine which would put you in the back of your seat. Although pricey, if you were to get the engine purring through the trees of a nice driving road, you'd find it well worth it. Check it out on Fantasy Junction.


Keren Li said...
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Keren Li said...


You know that commercial where the guy licked the handle of the car in order to prevent someone else from buying it? Well, I wish that would make this car mine! I love Ferrari and the classic cars just makes it even better. I love Aston Martins as well!