Monday, September 21, 2009

1953 Jaguar C-Type

When the average person thinks of the Jaguar brand, they often think of spoiled soccer moms from the 1980s in her gaudy convertible. What a lot of people don't realize is that Jaguar has an amazing racing history. They produced some of the most beautiful cars in the last 100 years. Slightly older than its younger brother the D-Type, the C-Type is considered one of the prettiest machines created. As the 39th 1953 C-Type manufactured, this car has extensive racing history (#33 in the image below). It's ownership is closely documented including its most prominent owner, racing legend Sterling Moss.

The right-hand drive looks great with the small windshield, an addition which was probably added after its racing days. It would be great if the car still had its racing numbers, but only if they were on the original paint. Either way, the car is a gorgeous example of the classic C-Type. More pictures and racing history are available at Fiskens.


kim said...

I LOVE antique & classic cars - your pics are awesome. Yes, if ever I won the Lotto, among the "spoils" for myself would be a classic car or two. My personal favorite is the 1957 Corvette, it's just a beautiful & compact sports car.

Arthur Garcia said...

Great pictures! I love the Jag. I like the description of your blog as well, the layout makes it easy to read. If you ever get your hands on any of these I would love to race you.

Arthur Garcia